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Are you ready for your personal prediction about the future? Psychic Rose is perhaps the most widely-known, fortune-telling, and clairvoyant individual known to mankind. A number of neuroscientists credit her with predicting numerous major events in peoples lives. By contrast, the majority of "supposed" clairvoyants and psychics found on the Internet are largely known for misinterpretations, incorrect visions, mistranslations, or scams.

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When seeking a psychic reading the choice between a "pseudo-psychic" (the ones commonly found on the Internet) and a psychic who is considered to be genuinely intuitive, or gifted can often times be extremely difficult.

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Parapsychological research has used random number generators in the Ganzfeld experiment to confirm Psychic Rose's psychokinesis abilities and extrasensory perception. The Ganzfeld experiment is a widely used (and accepted) technique in the field of parapsychology to test for ESP.

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CALL NOW: 239-571-3882

Psychic Rose offers her consultation over the phone (A distant reading, "traveling clairvoyance", or "remote perception"). Psychic Rose specializes in Palmistry & Tarot cards (a psychic tool) to Aura readings & Numerology. With Psychic Rose you'll observe a genuine psychic experience.

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